The Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III and/or Bentley S2 will compliment your special day. A classic or vintage themed wedding with a coordinated vehicle is possible when using the services of Zonneveld Rolls-Royce and Bentley hire.

The silver and navy blue colour of the Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III contributes to a classic wedding. The navy blue bonnet, roof, and boot give the impression of being almost black which is in stunning contrast with the silver of the vehicle. Inside the Silver Cloud III is a lovely soft grey interior with two luxurious leather couches sitting up to six people. All windows are electric operated and the tray tables, for the back seat passengers, are in a stunning wood finish. A vanity mirror, with light on both sides, will allow last make-up checks.

The gold/bronze, brown and maroon colour scheme of the Bentley accommodates any vintage inspired wedding theme. A fine red line runs from the front of the S2 all the way back to the last passenger door. The original interior consists of two extremely comfortable maroon leather couches which can sit up to 3 people in front and at the back. All windows are electrical and the back seat passengers can enjoy wooden tray tables. A small vanity mirror for the passengers will give you the chance of taking one last glance before you get out of the car and walk toward your beloved. The Bentley S2 is fitted with an air conditioning system which makes the ride more pleasant during the hot summer months.

For more enquiries, please contact Stefanie. Every quotation is personally dealt with as the pricing depends on each request and traveling. Zonneveld’s wedding package has no hidden costs and always consists of traveling, properly dressed chauffeur, matching ribbon and a standard of three hours of service for weddings. Additional hours can be booked as the vehicles are only used for one function a day. The chauffeur collects the bride where she is dressed, drives her and her accompanied wedding party to the ceremony, waits and drives the groom and the bride (back) to the reception venue. Photos can be taken anytime during the booked hours but fall under the discretion of the chauffeur as aspects such as safety and the capability of the Bentley and/or Rolls-Royce have to be considered.

As every wedding is not the same please contact Stefanie with your specifications and Zonneveld Rolls-Royce and Bentley hire will gladly assist in making your wedding day extra special.

Matric Farewells

A matric farewell is a very special celebration for the graduating student as well as their family and friends. It is widely considered a coming of age ceremony and an appropriate vehicle will assist in realising this unique milestone. The Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III or Bentley S2 will compliment any chosen colour arrangement and provide timeless photographs.

This service includes two or three hours of service, which is enough time for photo opportunities, pick-up and drop-off at the pre-drinks, and the grand arrival at the venue.

Tasting Tours

The Boland area has a wide variety of locally produced food and drinks which can be tasted and enjoyed at the source. Why do tastings with your own car when you can do it in a classic or a vintage car? Make use of a designated driver and revel in the fact that it comes with a Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III or Bentley S2. Enjoy being chauffeured in style and appreciate the different wine estates, local micro-breweries, brandy tastings, coffee-roasting houses, cheese factories or other local manufactured produce open for the public.

Tourists, not knowing the area, can enjoy tried and tested pre-set routes specified to favoured tastes. Locals, familiar with local artisan cuisine, can re-visit familiar places, adding a luxurious experience by using one of Zonneveld’s vehicles, or try new flavours with a customised route.
Itineraries can be discussed and specified to individual needs and likings. Contact Stefanie for individual pricing. Please note that pricing does not include tastings, lunches or personal expenses.

Film/Photo shoots

Classic and vintage vehicles are sought after as the film industry in the Western Cape is expanding quickly. Not only are there more local movies being produced, overseas companies travel to South Africa due to the sunny weather and better overhead costs.

Marketing agencies requiring old vehicles often come to Cape Town for commercial photo shoots and TV advertisements. Zonneveld Rolls-Royce and Bentley hire has previous experiences working with several movie companies and marketing agencies. Being on time and providing them with an immaculate vehicle is part of Zonneveld’s professional service.

Email for a tailored quotation.

Pickup and Dropoff

Sometimes one just wants an enjoyable drive and a grand arrival. This package is specifically designed for this. It includes a one-hour service e with a pick-up, and a drop-off at the venue. This can be used for special occasions, anniversaries, retirement dinners, birthdays, etc. Pricing includes an appropriately dressed driver, traveling and one hour of service.

Please note that the services of Zonneveld Rolls-Royce and Bentley Hire are not limited to the above mentioned categories. Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III and Bentley S2 and are open for new experiences. Please contact Stefanie to discuss individual requirements.